Is it over yet??

I always hear pregnant woman say “is this pregnancy over yet?” or “can he/she just come out already?”. I honestly never understood why they would say that…

Until now..

I’m 33 weeks pregnant and for weeks now I have been so sore and achy. I don’t walk as fast as I used to. I woddle. My shirts won’t fit over my belly so I have to keep pulling them down. Walking around campus is the worst thing ever. 

I have 7 weeks left but im praying she comes a little bit earlier than her due date!


Tragic to miracle

This past weekend has been insane.

On my birthday I get this tragic news that my oldest brother is literally dying in the hospital in South Carolina. I rush over to my dad’s house balling my eyes out all the way there. I was so numb with pain that I couldn’t think straight or really feel anything. I like turned my body off. The only thing I really felt was my little angel inside of me kicking and telling her momma that everything will be okay.

Friday night my sister, my boyfriend and I all start our road trip to South Carolina! 13 hour drive. Every 2 hours we would stop and switch drivers, get a snack or drink if needed and we would be back on the road within 10 minutes. 

I’m very uncomfortable sleeping in the car so I was up for more than 24 hours. We arrived to South Carolina around 10am. We stopped at a store to pick out flowers, a birthday card( my brothers birthday was Sunday) and a get well card.

We finally arrived at the hospital where my brother has been since Wednesday. The nurse told us no flowers in the room:(. As we walked into room 6 in the ICU, I went completely speechless. Seeing my brother laying there motionless with tubes coming out of him every which way. My boyfriend started crying , this was the first time my boyfriend seen or met my brother. He made me cry and I honestly had to comfort him to stop him from crying. 

After a little while I found my voice again and started talking to my brother. I told him finally I was pregnant and a tear rolled down his face. I knew he could hear me. I told him he had to pull through so he can meet his future niece.

The next day the nurses took him off some of the sleep meds and he could open his eyes to see us but couldn’t talk because of the tubes in his mouth. They put him back on it because he was getting exhausted.

That day we had to leave because my sister has work and kids to take care of. It sucked to leave.

As of today, he is awake, no tubes in his mouth, and is attempting to talk.
Thank you so much!
This is truly a miracle!

Diary of a Pregnant Student

I’ve dreaded this day all summer!

I hate when summer ends and college classes start!

I’ve started my third trimester and also my second to last semester in this place!

Yes you might think I’m insane to even attempt to go to school while I’m so close to my due date.. Well not to close but 12 weeks from it, which 14 to 15 weeks to complete the semester.

Let me tell you.. Its hard! 

It’s only the second day and I’m absolutely exhausted!

I have classes from 8am- 4:20 today and on top of that it’s my birthday!

That shouldn’t be allowed!

I should be allowed to have at least a nap time haha

It’s going to be a long semester but at least at the end I will have a little mini is to cuddle with 💗

I’m doing this for you baby girl!

You’re momma is strong💪

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